SWEDEN/CHINA. On the second of September three Chinese tourists, a man called Zeng and his parents, were dismissed from a hotel in Stockholm. They had booked rooms for the wrong day and when the hotel didn’t have any free rooms they became aggressive and threatened the staff. The conflict went on for hours before the police was called.

NightLampTreeSkyBy then it was past midnight and the police were forced to carry out the man of the lobby. According to Chinese media the man told the police that his parents health was bad, but they didn’t care. The same sources claim that Zeng had a fit and that the police ignored that too. Instead they drove the family to a dark crossing near a cemetary where they dropped them off. The tourists could hear “wild animals” and it took half an hour before passers by helped them.

This has become a big news story in Chinese state-controlled media and the Chinese embassy have told their people not to travel to Sweden. Because according to them what happened was police brutality and Chinese people isn’t safe here. Chinas Ministry of Foreign Affairs want a thorough investigation, that the officers gets punished and that they apologize.

FlowerNaturePionesI believe that this whole spectacle is arranged to get this reaction, this opportunity for the Chinese government to tell off Sweden. I don’t believe that Swedish female police officers act like that. The ones I know doesn’t, not the male ones either. And I can’t help but laugh at the “wild animals” that the tourists heard. In the middle of Stockholm. Was it hedgehogs? Or the much feared squirrel?

Gui Minhai is a Swedish-Chinese publisher who disappeared 2015 in Thailand. It turned out that the Chinese had arrested him and that he was imprisoned there. Swedish politicians demand that he’s released and they believe that it’s the real reason way the embassy reacted in this way. The ambassadors comment to that is that they are making things up and that Gui Minhai have commited serious crimes, while the tourists are innocent. But that’s not quite true since the tourists could be charged with disturbance of public order and trespassing according to Swedish law. And Gui Minhai is innocent of everything except for opposing the Chinese communistic regime.

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