Clans Vote Their member into the Parliament

SWEDEN. The Green Party had a surprise when a more or less unkown member from Gothenburg got a seat in the parliament. About 1400 persons voted for her and off course that made a lot of people curious: who is Leila A Elmi?

She is a 30-year old woman from Angered, a part of Gothenburg, who work as an interpreter. She was born in Ethiopia, but I guess that she was a refugee there because in her campaign Somalia plays a big part. Leila has used social media as a platform for her campaign and her FB-page is full of nationalistic material praising Somalia. She has also used Somali TV- and radio and even had endorsements from politicians in Somalia. And to top it all she has connections to the Somali government and president! Has she promised them anything in return?

Leila Ali Elmi

But there isn’t very much about politics on Leilas social media pages and she haven’t written any debate articles. Leila doesn’t seem that interested in the Green Partys politic as she doesn’t mention their top issues at all. She mentions that she’s a feminist that wants equality (while wearing hijab and long sleeves). That Gods name is repeated in many posts which shows that she’s a very religious woman. Is she another islamist that have infiltrated the Green Party? She describes herself as an activist who work against racism, but that’s just a slogan and I don’t know what that really means. She might have made a lot of great things, but that’s not for me or other Swedish voters to know, because she write in Somali and in that way excludes the majority of Swedes. But where is her political visions and proposals? There’s not one thing about the enviroment, instead she seems to have chosen the Green Party because of it’s youthfulness.

I like that voters can choose the politician that they trust, but when it comes to cases like this it’s obvious that clanculture and group mentality have influenced the voters. Much of the campaign plays on Leilas nationality and nationalistic emotions. She urged the Somalis to vote for a Somali citizen and to tell others to do the same. Since the Somali government has asked their citizens to move back home and help build up the country I can’t help but wonder why they don’t do that when they obviously have such love for Somalia? And also; if I would talk about Sweden like that I would be called a racist.

In a statement today Leila said that the allegations of clanvoting is distasteful and sad. She also claim not to be a part of a clan society and dissociate herself from all such things. That’s quite amazing considering Somalias distinguishing feature is it’s clans and they are a  one of the reasons for the chaos the country’s been in the last decades. So it’s quite obvious that she doesn’t represent her partys politics. She represent her clan and religion.

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