SWEDEN. The Social Democratic Party have been in power for four years and during that time they have taken every opportunity to create new taxes or raise the ones that was already in place. On the first of July 2017 a tax on chemicals was introduced to lower the use of those who are dangerous for the enviroment.

A new report shows that the tax doesn’t only miss it’s goal, but that it also damages the states finances. The tax revenue was 1,3 billion kronor (ca $144.814.500) which was about one billion kronor (ca $111.395.800) less than expected. The trade of electronics only grew with 4% (2017-2018) compared with 9% (2016-2015) and 17% (2014-2015). And 600 to 1400 jobs were lost.


The investigators didn’t see a clear increase in prices after the tax was introduced. But generally it makes a product cost 320 kronor ($36) more, at most. But the prices in other countries was much lower compared with the Swedish ones; 21% higher before the tax and 28% after the tax.

So they didn’t lower the amount of chemicals, employees got additional work, Swedes started to order more electronics from abroad and the states income didn’t increase. Socialism fails again!

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