When Honour Is Paramont

SWEDEN. He attacked his wife when she was walking from her place of work to her car. Why? She wanted a divorce. 


The family came to Sweden in 2013 with their three children and settled in Falköping. The only thing that the man did all day was to smoke and use the computer. He never had a job and didn’t learn much Swedish. In April he abused his wife and bit her hard in her cheek. After the incident he wasn’t allowed to contact her anymore and she filed for divorce.

But he used their children to send her messages. At first he wanted to come back because he’s “the father of your children and your cousin”, but it didn’t take long before he started to threaten her.

– It seems like she wants to mutilate my honour no matter what. The one who wants to mutilate my honour will have their face mutilated by me.

– When it comes to honour I don’t care about anything.


On May 28 he put his threats into action. He attacked his wife with a kitchen knife and a small wooden stick with a razor blade taped to it. He cut her in her face and stabbed her in her back and chest. She would have died if two craftsmen hadn’t been close by and heard her screams. They hit the husband with a plank and a bundle of welding pins and chased him away.

Now he have been sentenced to ten years in prison and then he will be deported.

I just have to mention the cousin part. What it tells us is that this was an arranged marriage and that the poor woman probably have been abused and raped throughout the marriage, which have lasted for 20+ years.

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