SWEDEN. The election is over so what’s happening?

They are still counting the votes so the seats in the parliament isn’t final yet. The parties are discussing or not discussing with each other about whom will form a government with whom. The only thing that they seem to agree on is that they won’t include the Sweden Democrats in the talking. The media is speculating about the outcome and getting comments from the party leaders that they analyze to death.


I’m mostly tired and sad. Disillusioned. It seems likely we will have four new years with the Social Democrats and Stefan Löfven in charge. Mr We Must Do Our Part when it comes to immigration. Mr Blinkers. Mr We Should Not Talk Negatively About Sweden. But lying about the Sweden Democrats seems ok.

About 300 000 immigrants is believed to come here until 2021. To a country that’s a colossal failure when it comes to integration and that has no idea on how to fix this mess. We need a strong government, but it seems likely that we’ll end up with the same wimps as before. I’m really worried about the future.


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