Fadimes father Murdered Her & now He’s Free

SWEDEN. Fadime Şahindal were born 1975 in Kurdish Turkey and fled to Sweden at the age of seven. Her life was ended in 2002 by her father Rahmi Şahindal who were sentenced to lifetime in prison. Now he has been released.

Fadime is a hero here in Sweden because she was one of the very first who talked openly about honour violence. Everybody understood that it got her in serious trouble so it was truly heroic. Fadime revealed that her father had beaten her all through childhood. In her teens she refused to marry her cousin when her family arranged it all. Fadime wanted to live like all other young women here and she fell in love with Patrik. They were going to get married and he said he’d even convert to Islam so he could be with Fadime (there are also information claiming that the famiky was Christian or atheist).

Fadime & Patrik

Unfortunately Patrik died in a car accident, but that didn’t matter for her father and brother. Fadime had shamed the family and become a problem. She was studying to become a sociologist and in 2002 she was going to Kenya to complete her education. She wanted to say good bye to her mother and sister and went to Uppsala even though she knew it was dangerous. As she was leaving her father grabbed her and shot her in the forehead and jaw. She died instantly.

Rahmi said that because his daughter had let the world know about honour culture she had shamed her family. After being convicted he retracted his cofession and said that another man committed the murder and had threatened to kill the family, but he refused to say who the man was. Fadimes mother testifyed on behalf of Rami, but her sister didn’t. She said in court that it had been an execution.


Rahmi was sentenced to life in prison, but in 2015 it was fixed to 24 years. Now he has been released now because he has served 2/3 of that time. There have been strong reactions to this and a feeling that he is getting off easy. There’s an important thing to remember when it comes to Rahmi: he was described as a case of successful integration since he had a job and blended in. But when it came to values he wasn’t even close to integration.

In 2014 Fadimes brother was shot to death by the police. He was intoxicated and threatening his mother. Later that year Fadimes sister were found dead, but no crime was suspected. In 2016 a relative to Fadime killed his former partners domestic partner. In 2017 a 50-year old family member killed a 46-year old man in the family. The reason was that he thought that the mans daughters ought to die becaused they shook hands with men. When the 46-year old didn’t kill his daughters he got murdered.

One big happy and very integrated family.

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