Persecution of Christians – Week 36


The Egyptian law changed in 2016 and since then all churches have to be recogniced by local officials. Over 3700 churches are still waiting and some have been waiting for that recognition for many years before 2016. So far only 220 have gotten their licenses. Because of the lack of churches people meet in each others houses to pray and it happens that they are sentenced to jail for doing that. It’s also hazardous because it can draw the attention of Muslim neighbors. On Friday in week 35 hundreds of Muslims in Dimshau Hashim looted Christian homes and partially set one on fire. Two Copts were stabbed. The attack was planned and started after Friday prayers. The police were called, but they didn’t show up until the attack was almost over. 19 Muslims were arrested.



A Catholic priest, Father Ogaga, in Nigeria was abducted by gunman who want a ransom of $40,000 to release him. Ogaga helps out in several churches in the diocese and is also the principal of St. Peters Clavers College. He was kidnapped while driving to mass in another town.

More from Nigeria. On 2/9 Fulani Militia attacked twice and it’s feared that 14 persons were killed. President Buhari doesn’t show any interest in fulfilling his promise to help Nigerian Christians. Another incident is that people that are displaced within the country were told to return home during the election, where they were at risk to encounter the Fulani Militia.

Father Lu Danhua was taken away by personnel from Qingtian Religious Affairs Bureau in China eight months ago and haven’t been heard from since. The bureau have claimed that he’s currently in Wenzhou where he is said to be studying the new religious regulations and that he will return after legal registration.

A Christian mission in India was vandalized for the reason that they were celebrating to loudly.


The UN Commission for Human Rights have critiziced Nicaragua for violations against human rights against those who protest the government. They monitor Christians and Christian groups by infiltraition to record them. Dead priests, obviously assassinated, have been found, but the police claim that they are gangsters. Priests have been taken from their homes and detained. Some have been charged with terrorism. The president, a former Marxist guerrilla member, have also cut the funding to religious organizations with >40%.


Kurdish authorities are closing Christian schools in north-east Syria and there is a fear that other Christian institutions is next. The Christian community have the suspicion that the Kurds want to remove them from the area.

A Christian couple in India were chased by armed neighbors when they refused to deny Christ and participate in a Hindu ritual. The woman was almost raped by the mob. They were tied up and beaten, but managed to escape.


One of the largest churches in Beijing, China, have been evicted from their headquarters after harrassment, having their Wechat (the Chinese Whatsapp) blocked and six minor centras closed down.

See what kind of love the Father has given to us, that we should be called children of God; and so we are. The reason why the world does not know us is that it did not know him.

1 John 3:1

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