More Election Fraud

SWEDEN. There have been a lot on the news about different kinds of election fraud and I have written about it before. I can’t remeber that it have been like this any other time, but it must have happened then too. Was it ignored or did we just not see?

It’s the placing of ballots (example: placing the ballots from the Sweden Democrats on a separate table so nobody dares to go pick one up because then everybody will understand who they vote for), wrong instructions being given (example: not to lick the envelopes shut which means that the ballots can be switched), tellers that have accepted defect votes when they belonged to the Social Democrats, votes that just disappears, a Social Democratic politician that followed the voters through the procedure. It’s already decided in some cities that the votes will be recounted.


Election observers have complained about how it’s allowed to be more than one person behind the screen where you vote, which increases the risk of so called family voting. It’s more common in the areas where many foreigners live. It can be the husband that decides what his wife and, adult, children votes for or that the head of the clan makes that choice. In Filipstad election workers noticed that a man shouted out the name of a party to the large group that accompanied him.

There have been this rumour, which have had the air of racist conspiracy theory, that the Social Democrats like immigration because many of them voted for them. In return the New Swedes expect a generous welfare system. But it may just be that this socioeconomic group gravitate towards this party. Anyway, this is how many votes the Social Democrats got in different no go zones:

Araby: 61,1%

Bergssjön: 61%


Biskopsgården: 53,7%

Gårdssten: 57,1%

Hammarkullen: 55%

Rinkeby: 68,6%

Rosengård: 47,2%

Valsätra/Gottsunda: 57,8%

Vivalla: 69,9%

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