Literally last Night in Sweden

SWEDEN. I listened to the news as I was drinking my coffe this morning and it was like they were trying to convince us to vote for a change. So I looked into the crimes that occured yesterday and in many of the cases I found the usual markers (moped, big group, outside, toilet) that signal who the perp is.

A woman, younger than 18-years old, were raped in the toilet of a fast food restaurant in Skellefteå. The police have a suspect.


There were carfires in the province of Skåne, that’s where Malmö lies. Ten cars were destroyed in five different cities. The police doesn’t think that there’s a connection between them, but it was definitely more burnings than it usually is. (I remember a time when there were none)

A man in his twenties were arrested in Köping on suspicion of rape. The victim is under 15-years old and know the man.

20-30 persons, probably young men, had a big fight on the town square in Filipstad. They used iron pipes, batons and chains. Two 19-year old men were taken to hospital.

A woman were attacked outside last night and raped. She didn’t know the man. It happened in Österåker, north of Stockholm. The man have been arrested.


A man in Malmö was arrested when he caused an explosion in an apartment house. The police found him in the elevator which got stuck because of the blast. Nobody was harmed. The police are looking into if anybody in the building have a threat against them.

Two persons in their twenties were found shot in Gothenburg. A moped was seen leaving the place. The police suspect that it’s gangrelated since this is the usual way that they operate.

A woman in her twenties were to almost raped in Uppsala when she was heading home around 04.30. Three or four men attacked her and tried to take off her pants. A family heard her cry and helped her.

Ps. There were both burnings and assault rapes during the night of Friday. It happens every night. And day.

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