SWEDEN. There’s a lot of things happening right now in Sweden and last night SVT held the last big debate with all the party leaders. When the subject was integration and unemployment Jimmie Åkesson made a remark that made the others explode.

– We have to ask ourselves the question: why is it so hard for these people to get a job? Well, it’s because they aren’t Swedish. They don’t fit in in Sweden and that makes it hard to get jobs. They need the prerequisite to become Swedish. 


It was the last sentence that was totally drowned out, mainly by Annie Lööf from the Centre Party that screamed: What is it you’re saying?! But I think this is just common sense. If I would move to India I would need help to understand the cultural rules there so I can adapt to their system. We are so blind to our culture here in Sweden that we don’t seem to realise that it’s even there. To adapt is a very important part of integration and if you aren’t given that support you will just go on not fitting in.

The thing that really irritated me was that he wasn’t given the chance to explain what he meant, which he should have since the others cut him off. Instead the moderators let the other party leaders say different versions of “SD is a racist, brown party and humanity and human dignity” and so on. It was self-righteous virtue-signaling all around.


But that’s not all, because the state owned and very objective SVT, not at all leftist and definitely not taking any sides, chose to make a statement after the debate that they denounced what Åkesson had said. It was a blatant generalization. They chose to publish a quote of what he said without the last sentence which means that they, once again, twisted the news to fit their narrative. SVT always does this and then they just delete the article from their site without a retraction. By then the damage, or should I say indoctrination, is already done. An example is how they for months advocated that the chaos in Venezuela is the result of sinking oil prizes. And then the articles mystically disappeared.

But Åkesson are actually getting a lot of support and other media critizice what SVT did. And tonight the newspaper Expressen will air an extra live debate between Jimmie Åkesson and Annie Lööf. I’m really looking forward to this. Go Jimmie!


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