Taqiyya & the Buying of Votes

SWEDEN. The group leader for the Green Party in Botkyrka, Stockholm, Ali Khalil had a meeting with two representatives from the Moderate Party in July. They met in the mosque in Alby and they soon realized that this was anything but an ordinary meeting.

The Moderate politicians were offered votes from the congregation in Alby (no go zone) which consists of 4500 persons. Khalil said that they could assure 3000 votes and the imams and the parish educators present explained that they would urge those who attend the Friday prayer to vote for the Moderate Party. In return Khalil wanted the politicians to provide a building permit for a new mosque. The Moderates were shocked and say in the TV-show Uppdrag Granskning on SVT that they had never imagined that something like this would take place. But it’s worth mentioning that it took two weeks for the Moderate Party to decline the offer and they say that it was because they wanted to write an answer that wouldn’t offend the imams and Khalil.

Uppdrag Granskning had one of the Moderate politicians call Khalil last week to see if the offer was still in force and it was. They even met him while undercover. Later when they called him he acted like the buying of votes made him upset and when he realised he’d been caught he denied everything. The Green Party have communicated that Ali Khalil have resigned from the party and all his commitments.

Ali Khalil was, until today, a part of the city council in Botkyrka (no go zone) and in 2016 he caused headlines by liking the Muslim Brotherhood and their leader Al-Qaradawi on Facebook. Back then he said that his Muslim faith was personal and didn’t affect his political work. It was at the same time as Mehmet Kaplan (who had contacts with Senturk and Milli Görus) and Yasri Khan (refused to shake a female journalists hand) were excluded from the Green Party. Khalil denied that there was an Islamic infiltration in the Green Party, but you don’t have to be conspiratorial to realise that that was another of his taqiyya-lies. He used to be the head of the international programme at Islamic Relief, which have connections to the Muslim Brotherhood and are classed as a terrorist organisation by other countries.

A political scientist have commented that this is corruption and that it’s common in other parts of the world where the democratic system is weak. That a political opponent acts as the middleman like this is highly unusual. All of this makes me really uneasy, especially how the Muslims follow the imam without questioning him or thinking for themselves. And that terrororganisations have access to our decision-making authorities is just ghastly.


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