Swedens Election in the News

SWEDEN. Two days until it’s time to vote and Sweden is getting international attention because of the tricky situation in the country.

Bloomberg writes about how the political establishment panics as the Swedendemocrats might end up as the biggest party. There’s also a piece about the Swedendemocrats.

NewsTeaThe Economist have an article about the political situation and the different fields that need improvement. I liked this one best.

To read The Irish Times is like traveling back in time to a year ago when the narrative was bogus like this. They admit that there’s problems in Sweden, but diminish them in different ways, claiming that the establishment confirm that. Yes, they used to, back when they were still lying. Now when it’s become obvious that those with the narrative were right, the politicians are desperate. The end is just insane. It’s the kind of argument kids use.

In The Globe and Mail the focus is on some afghan immigrants who raise their case. Boring sobstory.

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