Taxmoney for Islamists

SWEDEN. The municipality of Malmö, a city that survives economically thanks to funding from the state, have been caught giving money to the antisemitic organisation Milli Görus. So how come Malmö didn’t know that? They don’t have resources to google what an organisation might have written or said?

Milli Görus was founded in 1969 in Turkey and it’s infamous throughout the world. It’s even banned in Turkey. It’s described as the biggests Islamic organisation in Europe. Their ideology is that the western world is a threat to Islam so they feel contempt for the way we live, especially democracy. Antisemitism (or antizionism as they put it) and sharia laws are also important. The chairman in Malmö says that he want to convert homosexuals and make them straight. Can’t be too hard to find that with google.

But in Malmö they get money and housing. Stockholm and Gothenburg have had their own wakeup calls a couple of years ago. In 2016 the Social Democratic Minister of Housing Mehmet Kaplan had to resign because of fraternizing with Milli Görus. But first the leftiests tried to diminish it all so he could stay. Off course.

Politicians in Malmö say that they have felt afraid to criticize Islamist organizations because the fear of being called islamophobes. When they wanted to stop funding of Ibn Rushd, an adult educational association with connections to the Muslim Brotherhood who spread antisemitism and invite hate preachers, this spring they recieved a letter saying that those who criticized Ibn Rushd were a threat to democracy.

Islamists might not like democracy, but they have no problem using it against us.

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