One Evening & One Morning

SWEDEN. It’s just a couple of days until the election thakes place and it seems like current events are doing it’s best to show the mess this country’s in. It’s like an election campaign for The Swedendemocrats and it seems to be working fine since they got 24,8% in the latest poll.

Here’s what happened last night and this morning and just madness. Pure madness.

At 19.03 a man in his twenties were shot to death in Hermodsdal (no go zone), Malmö. Witnesses saw an armed man running away after they heard gunshots. Nobody has been arrested. So far this year there’s been 24 shootings in Malmö with 11 deaths and 12 damaged persons.


During Tuesday evening, one hour after the shooting in Malmö, there was a shooting in the centre of Helsingborg. Four men on mopeds drove up to an open-air café and started shooting into the crowd. People paniced and hid under the tables. A 26-year old man, a guest at the café, were fatally injured. Nobodys suspected for the crime at this moment.

Two students at Råslättsskolan, an elementary school, in Jönköping were cut by a large knife by another student this morning. Their injurys weren’t severe. The perpetraitor have been arrested and since he’s younger than 15 social services have been contacted. The police have also done a house search in the apartment were the perpetraitor were arrested. Råslätt is a vulnerable area at risk of becoming a no go zone.

This country needs a change and a firm hand that can take the tough decisions. Time is running out.

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