Pope Francis Must Go

VATICAN. I’m Catholic and I hate how some are doing their very best to destroy the church that Jesus gave us. There’s something truly diabolic about this and those who have claimed that there’s a homosexual leftist group within the church doesn’t seem all that conspiratorial anymore.

First I have to mention the victims and their families that for years have struggled with the pain they have had to go through alone. Then there’s the statistics saying that there isn’t more abuse in the Catholic Church than other institutions and that the problem is homosexual priests that abuse teenage boys (four in five victims are boys). But that doesn’t comfort the victims. What would comfort them is support and that those who are guilty of the abuse and covering it up gets punished.


After the unveiling of the abuse in Pennsylvania the Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, former Vatican ambassador in the USA, published an eleven page letter revealing names of abusers, but mainly dealing with how the church had covered up what Cardinal McCarrick had done. Serveral bishops and staff at the embassy in the US are backing up the claims Viganò have made.

The earth-shaking aspect of this is that it direcly points out Pope Francis as a part of the cover up. Cardinal Daniel DiNardo, president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), stated that he wouldn’t defend the pope and that the world needed real answers from him. Catholics from all over have openly started to call for Francis resignation. During a Papal address in St. Peter’s Square the crowd can be heard chanting Italo! only to end it into Vigano! in the end.

The silence from Pope Francis is deafening and the few things that has been said publicly was to a journalist during a planeride:

Read it to yourself and make your own judgment. The text speaks for itself.

So he’s admitting his guilt, or what? A tweet on August 30 said:

We Christians are not selling a product. We are communicating a lifestyle.


The only lifestyle that the church seem to communicating is homosexuality, pederasty and pedophilia. At least that is what reaches non-Catholics who doesn’t meet the kind parish priests, nuns and monks. The tweet was so mocked that Francis deleted it.

Cardinal Blase J. Cupich, archbishop of Chicago, attacked Viganò saying that the Pope have bigger things on his mind like global warming and immigration! Hen went on to say that every institution has these problems, which is true but totaly irrelevant. To top it off he accused Viganò of racism against the pope. Racism?! To make this a question of race is the most transparent evasion ever.

The media have loved this liberal pope from the start thinking he will reform the church and now these #metoo proclaimers are taking his side. The New York Times had headlines saying that Francis silence was taking the high road and that since Vigianò is a conservative theologian, who are “against letting gays into the church”, his accusations hold no merit. In other word: homophobia! Firstly, the church do let in gays, but if they live the homosexual lifestyle, which is a sin, it’s a bad idea if they, for example, read the texts during mass. But that goes for all whose lifes are contradicting the churchs teachings. Secondly, it’s letting in the gays that have brought all this suffering upon us! The scandal has mainly been described as the result of hysterical conservatives who attack the progressives.


But this isn’t the first time that Francis make strange choices and statements. Like the when he gave an apartment to Monsignor Luigi Capozzi, who is known for causing trouble, which ended in the police arresting several during people a drugfilled orgy.

In 2015 Francis appointed Juan Barros Madrid to bishop over southern Chile even though he had protected Father Karadima who abused teenage boys for 30 years. Those who questioned his decision were told that to accused anybody without evidence were just spreading slander, that they were dumb and ending with:

Is that clear?

While his flock is angry, suffering and loosing their faith this sheperd won’t take the situation seriously and answer any questions which makes me wonder if he himself is a part of these crimes. It has leaked that he feel embittered while other sources say he is serene. And most importantly, that he has no intention of stepping down.

My opinion is the he has to stop with the arrogance and answer all questions. Then he has to resign, because he is scandalizing the church, which is a sin in itself. I don’t think that he’s a suitable leader or representative of Christ.

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