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Refugee Smugglers Make big Money

SWEDEN. A journalist from Swedish Radio posed as an immigrant and contacted a smuggler. How much would it cost to go to Sweden?

Before I continue I want to mention a common story that immigrants tell. They say that have have traveled through Europe by hanging on for dear life to the underside of a lorry. We can be sure that’s a lie because if that was the case you would hear of accidents all the time. I haven’t heard of one.


Traveling from Turkey to Italy costs $7 500. The next step is that a person travels from Sweden to Italy to meet up with you and bring you the safe way into the country. That costs €10 000 (about $11 7000). The smuggler said that there’s other ways to go, but that anything could happen then. Falsified documents is also needed and something the smuggler fix.

Other services that some provide is to create stories about the reason the person is on the run. I’ve even heard of smugglers that provide blogs with posts go back for years that critizice Islam or the political rulers. They are coached in where to go and what to say to get a recidence permit. One strategy that we have grown accustomed to is claiming that you are a minor which makes one wonder if they have any 14-16 year old boys left in Afghanistan.

The smugglers use social media and conduct their business in the open since it’s hard to separate them from a real travel agency. Isn’t it strange how FB can attack the right routinely, but have no clue about activities like this? One might suspect that they have an political agenda.

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