SWEDEN. The voting in advance have started and there’s already been incidents of sabotage. I consider it to be a threat to our democracy.

To be truthful it started even before the voting. Election material disappeared and postmen didn’t deliver mail from some parties. Signs and information spots have been vandalised, even burned. Campaign workers have been attacked and beaten. And at polling-stations ballots have disappeared and voters have reacted to election workers that have taken notice of what ballots they have picked up before going into the voting booth. Some have even been doubtful if their votes have been handled correctly after they handed them over to the election workers.


The journalist Anna Benson tweeted after she had voted that: best of all was that “somebody” had “stolen” all of The Swedendemocrats ballots so they were “gone”. Since she also published that she voted for the Centre Party their leader tweeted back: Big thanks for your support. Ok, everybody understands that Annie Lööf didn’t thank her for the crime that Beson commited, but some use this as an excuse to start a drama which is a childish waste of time. I’m much more concerned about how open she is about this highly undemocratic act she commited. That she even brags about.

The Sweden Democrats have been the main target of these sabotages, but also The Centre Party, The Moderate Party, The Christian Democrats, Medborglig Samling and Alternative for Sweden. Even The Swedish Social Democratic Party have had their signs trashed. But never, ever The Left or The Green Party. Hmm, strange…

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