Translated Information

SWEDEN. To be allowed to vote in the Swedish election you have to be a Swedish citizen and be or have been nationally registered here. And to become a citizen you have to, among other things, have lived here for several years. The need for translated information about the election shows that immigrants doesn’t master Swedish.


If you go to the National Election Boards site you find that the information about how to vote is translated in 30 different languages! When I looked at different county councils I found information movies translated into Arabic, English, Finnish, Farsi, Romani and Somali while texts were available in even more languages. I found the same thing on sites for different municipalities. The Swedish Radio, which is funded by taxmoney, have an Election Compass. Check which party it suggests for you. One of the ten languages that it’s translated to is sure to work for you.

Most of the parties use Google Translate on their sites, but several of them also have leaflets that they hand out or that you can download. The leaflets are translated into:

  • The Centre Party – 8 languages
  • The Liberals – 21 languages
  • The Moderate Party – 14 languages
  • The Christian Democrats – 13 languages
  • The Swedish Social Democratic Party – 16 languages
  • The Left Party – 0
  • The Swedendemocrats – 0

I understand that it must be hard to learn a new language, especially as an adult and if you aren’t used to studying. But it doesn’t matter. This development with more and more translations in different areas of public life is costly and counterproductive. It doesn’t make people understand Swedish better, but rather makes them dependent on support from the state when the goal should be independence. This is just another example of how this country is going the wrong way.

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