SWEDEN. Operasinger and SJW Malena Ernman is making headlines again. But at first they were about her 15-year old daughter Greta. Nobody knew that her antics were a mediastunt arranged by her mother. 

Schools started in Sweden this week, but Greta didn’t go to her classes. Instead she sat down on the street outside the parliament building in Stockholm to strike for the climate. Somehow her presence on the pavement will inspire people to get engaged in the enviroment. Greta feels this is her moral responsibility to do this. She plans to sit there during school hours until the election on September 9.


And it didn’t take long before Fatemeh Khavari, leader for the organisation that got the so called high school law through, took the opportunity to get some attention by sitting next to Greta. I really dislike Fatemeh because of her snooty and condescending behaviour. When the law failed she said that now it was the perfect opportunity to demand more. Demand more! She should be deported for lying about her age as she claims that she doesn’t remember when she was born.

Back to Greta. Her parents reveals that they are totally spineless by saying that they want her to attend school, but that they as fellow humans understand her decision. The thing is that she’s still in elementary school which means that it’s compulsory for her to attend. The police have the authorisation to take her to school when her parents can’t manage to be adult. And if you want to help the enviroment you go to school and get a job in that area of business.


But mom has a new book, Scenes from the heart (Scener ur hjärtat), to promote that’s about Gretas and her younger sisters mental health problems (Aspergers syndrome, OCD and high-functioning autism) and how this affects the family. The book’s also about the climate and draw parallels between mental illness and, for example, draught in the Middle East. In other words: a bit high-strung and stupid.

If I were Malena I would think long and hard how this book affects her childrens integrity and dignity. A parent is supposed to care for their best interests, not use them to get attention and sell books. And even if they say that they want to tell the world about the hell they’ve been through they, as children and especially with these issues, can’t grasp the long-term effects of that. Be an adult.

And now I wonder: is the book made of recycled paper? Will the family go on a book tour and will they then be using cargobikes?