Christian Somalis

SOMALIA. In 2017 we had 66 400 persons that were born in Somalia and they are the largest group from Africa in Sweden. It has been said that Somalia is a country that’s 100% muslim, but that is starting to change.

More and more choose to convert to Christianity even though it’s dangerous. It can lead to divorce, being excluded from their family, threats and violence. You might even get killed. That’s why many keep their faith secret, even here in Sweden. Mona Walter is a famous convert here in Sweden who were ostracised from her family. They said that she would be a bad influence on the children.

There may only be a thousand Christian Somalis in the world and two years ago 12 persons went public. They showed their faces and names on youtube and talked about their Christian faith. The video was shown several hundred thousand times on youtube an big media companys, like BBC, noticed it. They did this together with preachers Shania and Shino Gabo.

The Somali religious authorities issued a fatwa on them which means that if they don’t return to Islam it’s ok to kill them. Religion of peace…

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