SWEDEN. The Green Partys latest suggestion on how to save the enviroment is to implement a tax on parking at the supermarket.

Instead they think that people should buy and use cargobikes! It’s just that they can cost up to $2 000 (and more) and that’s certainly not something everybody can afford.

And then they just assume that everybody is physically capable of bicykling with a lot of groceries. Diseases, bad backs and knees and so on.

And also, we have winters! One would think that they, who talk constantly about the climate, should remember that. It snows and gets icy here. And sometimes it’s really, really cold and if the wind is coming from the north it goes right through your winter clothes.

Even if the bicycle lane is plowed there will always be sections that isn’t. You either have to make a loooong detour or carry your bike over the snowpile (been there, done that).

The Green Party have their main voters in the big citys and for them it might be fine with cargobikes. But to even suggest that this will work for anyone else, like all all who live in the countryside, is just stupid.


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