Sweden in Years to Come?

SWEDEN. A three minute video from Angry Foreigner which is a collage of the last four years that may be where we are heading again. There are English subtitles.

The scenes in the beginning where the politicians wave flags took place on the Pride festival on August third and they were all promising not to work with the Swedendemocrats, the countrys biggest party that wasn’t invited. The arrogance towards the voters are unbelievable!

The December Agreement (Decemberöverenskommelsen, DÖ = die) was a deal all parties made 2014 so the Social Democrats and the Green Party could rule without collaboration with the Swedendemocrats. It was highly undemocratic and though it was meant to go in until 2022 it collapsed in 2015. And now we are heading for four more years with politicians and celebrities behaving like you can see in the video.

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