Last Night in Sweden

SWEDEN. This footage is taken last night around 21.00. It’s from the square in Frölunda, Gothenburg. More than 80 cars have been set on fire all over western Sweden in what seems to have been an coordinated attack. No person have been harmed.

Hamas is a politician for the Moderate Party and he mentions several times during the video how the party was critizised earlier this year for using a picture of a carfire in Canada in a campaign movie. The media attacked them saying that they demonised Gothenburg and exaggerated. The video proves that the Moderate party was right. Carfires is a common occurrence and that all isn’t well.

5-6 masked teenagers were seen in Hjällbo (no go zone). They crushed car windows and poured flammable liquid into them. Witnesses have seen them carry petrol cans. Some used molotovcocktails. After starting these fires they left in the direction of Frölunda square. Car tires were also set on fire. There were also activities in Gårdsten and Eriksbo. 31 cars were burned in Gothenburg and 35 were damaged.


In Kronogården (a so- called vulnerable area which means soon-to-be-a-no-go-zone), Trollhättan, 30-40 teenagers threw stones and bangers at the police. They blocked the roads and attacked a school, library, bus stops and six cars were burned (several more were damaged). The firefighters had to wait for the police to secure the area so they weren’t able to go into Kronogården until 23.15. The police had to stay to protect them during their work. Several teenagers were identified and apprehended during the night.

In Falkenberg youths smashed windows, threw stones and set things on fire. The public confronted them upon which the teenagers became hostile. But the scolding made them leave. The police stayed there during the night.


During the night a car burned in Ale outside a nursing home, but the police can’t see that it has anything to do with the other attacks.

The police have talked to the parents of some teenagers, but there isn’t possible to proove that they started the fires in all cases. The crime is classified as arson and sedation. The police have also seen on social media that this may be an coordinated attack.

Stefan Löfven, our Socialdemocratic Prime Minister, said:

– What the hell are are you doing?

They are doing the same thing that they have been doing for a long time, but now it has increased even more. To quote a cop a know: Welcome to reality!

But please, dear politicians, continue to claim the the elections important questions are labour market policy, the enviroment, the EU and welfare profits. That’s not what worries people and that’s why we’ll not vote for you.

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