Because They Are Jews…

SWEDEN. Last week a Jewish woman and her visting friend from Germany entered a small store in Norrtälje. When they questioned a poster on the wall showing a boy peeing on the Israeli and US flag the storeowner became aggressive.

His name is Ihab Ibrahim and comes from the Middle East. He asked the woman if they were Jews and then started to scream that all Jews will be killed. He told them to get out of his store and that he can say what he want in Sweden. The German guest cried and they were both shaken by the incident.

The woman reported it to the police who are now investigating if Ibrahim is guilty of assault, hate speech and unlawful discrimination. The local newspaper in Norrtälje interviewed Ibrahim and he claims that it was he who got threatened by the women and that they cursed at him. He would never behave like that because he’s a faithful Muslim.

I’m sure you know what Jews are like. You already have the answer about who’s guilty and not guilty. (…)

As a Muslim and Arab I have nothing against Jews. If I have anything against people it’s that I don’t like what the Israelis does. (…)

Why would they report you if you haven’t said or done anything? the reporter asks.

Because they are Jews. They think that they are the children of God. I have to go down on my knees when I see them. They think that they own all people, he says.

Another good example of succesful integration and an immigrant that have become very Swedish in both values and behaviour…

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