SWEDEN. Postnord is the company that handles mail in Sweden (the state owns 60% – that’s socialism). They recieved 150 500 complaints last year because of lost mail. And now they have lost an entire pallet of electoral material belonging to the Swedendemocrats.

But many suspect that the pallet have been “lost”, that this is a case of sabotage. Because you don’t loose 225 kilos of paper easily. Postnord have searched for a week without finding it and it was worth 68 000 kronor (about $7 640).


I wouldn’t be surprised if it was because before the 2014 election there were mailmen that threw away mail from the Swedendemocrats so recipients never got the information. This was, of course, praised by lefties who believe that laws only apply to others and that they know best on whom you should vote for.

Another undemocratic thing is that Jimmie Åkesson are scheduled to speak in a square in Gothenburg on August 28 and Ung Vänster (Young Left) have announced that they will be there to protest and disrupt the event. Of course they think that they have that right. Ung Vänster is a youth organization tied to The Left Party (even though they deny that now, probably so they don’t have to take responsibility for what they are about to do). This group of marxists want a revolution and used to be called Communistic Youth Association. That says it all.

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