Persecution of Christians -week 31

The Christian convert Amir Saman Dashti were sentenced by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Court to four months in prison for Christian activities. Ramiel Bet Tamraz was also sentenced to four months for being Christian. Believers are often sent to the prison Evin who is the roughest prison and it’s known that torture is used. Amir spent 76 days there without a charge before bail was set to $5000.

Afghanistan is the second worst country in the world to be Christian. Many of them are forced to flee. Here you can read interviews with the refugees.

Some good news! President Buhari in Nigeria have reqognized the courage of an 83-year old imam who saved the lives of almost 300 Christians during the massacre by the Fulani Militia on June 24. I just hope that Buhari recognize the need of the Christians also and act on them.

Christians in Sri Lanka are persecuted by Buddhists. Watch Nimal talk about his experiences:

Irans persecution of Christians have increased during the last month, even though President Hassan Rouhani just announced that Christians have the same rights as Muslims. Since the population have grown increasingly critical of the regime, their answer is to lash out on minorities and opponents. Eight beliviers faced juducial action in July.

A pastor in Nepal were attacked by six to eight unknown persons in a café. They beat him and threatened to bomb churches and shoot Christian leaders. Since May several churches have been bombed, Christian leaders have been assualted and many have faced false criminal charges. The majority of the population are Hindus.


A city council in West Virginia, USA, are being sued by The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) for opening their meetings with The Lord’s Prayer. The organization is a church-state separation group that have used the same tactic in other situations and recently against a person that were handing out Bibles.

Three Christian leaders were arrested in India in the course of four days. They are accused of forced conversions, but that is not true. Religious intolerance and violence against Christians is increasing all over India.

Islamic radicals kidnapped three Christian children in Uganda in 2015. They have now managed to escape and have returned to their families. They are malnourished and are showing signs of being indoctrinated.

So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God.

Isaiah 41:10

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