Double Standards

When Beyonce did the half-time entertaiment at Super Bowl the whole world were in awe. Well, almost the whole world because some noticed and pointed out that her entire number was an accolade to the terroristgroup the Black Panthers. Imagine if anybody had made a tribute to the KKK in the same way. Nobody would have turned a blind eye to that.

KKKDanceIt’s interesting how the world works today. You have those who see themselves daring activists who fight against evil. They seem to feel that they embody all that is good and that gives them the right to decide who’s bad. You don’t have to do much to be labeled a racist, nazi or that you deny something, like the vague-gap or rape culture. And when you are it’s very likely that your life and reputation is tarnished forever.

At the same time there’s a blind spot to the evil inside the group or those they view as allys. Antifa fight fascism using fascism. Many claim it’s islamophobia to point out the violence and hatred within islam and say very little about the suffering it causes. The whole #metoo-movement was a way to settle with the sexual abuse that everybody had known about, but now everybody pretended that the casting couch was a new phenomena to them. But nobody wanted to talk about the sexual abuse caused by immigrants.

One would think that those who fight evil would start their fight by removing the plank from their own eyes.

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