Corruption and lost Children

SWEDEN/AFGHANISTAN. A journalist at the newspaper Expressen has investigated how Afghans, some of them children, have been given Visas into Sweden for a couple of days to then disappear. The youngest one were 4-5 years old.

During 2014 and 2015 the organization Svensk Afghan Foundation (SAF) invited 50 Afghan citizens to Biskopsgården in Gothenburg (which by the way is a no go-zone) for different conferences, but none of the Afghans there that the journalist contacted knew anything about it. And SAF proved to be impossible to reach. An investigator for the Swedish Migration Board say that the organization SAF belongs to a single family and that it’s a front for something else.

A case worker at the Swedish embassy in Islamabad noticed that an official there changed refusals on Afghan applications to approval. When she alerted others to this she was first scolded and told that she were not allowed to go behind the embassy offials back. But later on they have said that the case worker were right all along. The embassy official were corrupt and approved 80 Visa. He have been fired and prosecuted. One interesting thing is that he wrote a letter to PM Stefan Löfven claiming that there is a witch-hunt on the staff of foreign descent, which applies to him, inside the Migration Board. A way of diversion that we’ve grown accustomed too. When the shit hits the fan – cry rascist!

The Swedish National Audit Office have investigated what level of control there is during the process of seeking asylum and found that there is no control at all! The administrators are under huge pressure and can make easy money if they want to. And the number of reports of corruption has increased.

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