A 100 Million Reasons

SWEDEN. Stockholm Pride has taken place this week and it hasn’t been without scandals mostly because of Prides superleftist agenda..

First, before it even started, it became known that Ilan Sadé leader, Medborglig Samling, wasn’t welcome with his party. Pride said that the liberalconservative party didn’t fullfill their basic values, which isn’t true and ironically is Sadé himself gay. That you can be gay and conservative is unknown to them and just shows that they doesn’t represent the whole comminuty.

WomanGirlThe  speaker at the opening ceremony was the soccer coach Pia Sundhage who is a member of Kommunistiska Partiet (Kommunistiska Partiet Marxist Leninisterna (revolutionärerna) = The Communistic Party Marxist Leninist (revoloutionaries)) that like Stalin. She and her party has got a fondness for North Korea and in 2014 she said that she would like to coach their team. She had visited the country once and were curious about how common people live. I can answer that for you, Pia. They live in terror! Afraid of being reported for doing something forbidden or to get framed by someone who have grudge against them. They are also hungry and if they need surgery they can’t count on anesthesia because that’s reserved for those higher up in the
wonderful classless society where everybody is equal.

Then all of the leaders of political parties in the parliament including superleftie Feministic Initiative (which is too small to get into the parliament) were invited to virtuesignal… Sorry, I mean debate. Everyone exept The Swedendemocrats, SD, who’s currently the biggest party in Sweden. Pride replaced their leader Jimmie Åkesson with a toy elephant that they placed on stage. None of the others said a word about it. They have obviously not evolved beyond the idea that you can disagree with someone without being a bully. Some visitors at Pride expressed on Twitter that SD made them feel afraid since they want to kill gays which is an outright lie bordering paranoia.

Communism (2)And then we have Rebecca & Fiona, some kind of muscians, where one of them performed with a red t-shirt with the hammer and sickle in yellow on. Later she excused herself that she had taken it on by mistake. That things went wrong. I’ve never had the problem that clothes with symbols of dictatures appear on my body spontaneously, but maybe I’m odd in that way.

But they are known for being leftist with a soft spot for planned economy and communism. Earlier this summer their dancers wore t-shirts with Fuck SD on in a popular tv-show for families and then they wrote online that their fans should persuade, manipulate and threaten people they know not to vote for SD.

To celebrate communism is awful under normal circumstances, but to do that during Pride shows that both the organizers, celebrities and guests should go home and read at least one book about communism. Start with The Gulag Archipelago. Then they would find out how Che Guevara shot gay people and how Soviet convicted homosexuals to five years of hard forced labour for their “bourgeoise tendencies”.

On top of that I can give you at least a 100 million reasons why you shouldn’t support communism. Ever.

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