SWEDEN. The Swedish Migration Board have presented a prognosis for the number of refugees that they expect to come here in the immediate couple of years. 

MigrantBetween 2018 to 2021 they think 122 000 persons will apply for asylum. There will also be about 181 000 family members that immigrate. Between 42-65% of the application will be approved. But we still have to pay for the others while they’re here. And then there’s the question of deportation that isn’t working at all now.

During the same period 411 000 cases of citizenship will be decided upon. Last year 68 898 people from more than 160 countries became Swedish citizens which was an even higher number compared to the previous high score in 2016. Most of the them came from Syria, Somalia, were undocumented and Iraq.

I don’t know what you say, but this isn’t what I call stringency and that’s what we were promised by the politicians. This is more like acting the same way again and again and expecting a different outcome.


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