Islamist Is an Expert Witness in UK Court

UK. Dr Imran Waheed, psychiatrict, is a radical Islamist preacher who are being used as an expert witness in British courts. Even though he wants to establish sharia law and isn’t even trying to hide his views. 

The good doctor works for NHS and Bupa in Birmingham and have been an expert witness in civil and criminal cases assessing defendants psychological reliability. He specializes in evaluating if a person is fit to have a firearm license (!) or can manage to stand trial. He also treats people with mental illness and lectures on topics like cultural and ethnic aspects of mood disorders.


He has been a leading figure in the UK branch of Hizb ut-Tahrir for many years. It’s an organization that works towards an Islamic state run by Sharia law. In an interview he said:

 I’ve got no respect for any law other than Allah’s… I don’t care for the law of any man.

Waheed now says that he has left that group and changed is mind. But he could be seen on the organisation’s official internet broadcast in November 2017 where he praised the virtues of a caliphate. Do I dare to say taqiyya? Of course I do. 🙂

The insanity never stops! How can anybody expect this man to be impartial when he has such an obviously agenda? Is he even fit to treat patiens or will he push Islam on those who are easily manipulated? How about some selfpreservation? Or at least respect for those he encounters in court to ensure that they get a fair trial?

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