VATICAN. It’s beyond me how a religion that think that Muhammed is perfect and that you should aspire to become like him can ever integrate with the west. The things that we value are so profoundly different and discussions are hard to accomplish.

I heard an interview with author George Weigl who talked about a meeting he had had with a group of imams at the Vatican. He told them that it had taken the Catholic Church about 250 years to change from not being a governing state and find their place in a democratic society. He said that it probably would take Islam about 150 years to do the same journey and that they would have to find support for the change in their texts. He even offered his assistance, but I don’t know what the imams answered.

But is it possible to change when Muhammed is the definition of perfection whose words can’t be questioned? Do you find human rights, womens rights and democracy in their texts? I strongly doubt it.


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