Islamist group Give advice on Taking over Sweden

SWEDEN. The radical islamist and international organization Hizb ut-Tahir want to establish the caliphate that will be run according to sharia law. They have now issued a campaign to influence muslim voters not to vote in the Swedish election in September. Because everything about our system is kufr.

You can read all about it on their open FB page and see their videos. They have also produced a pamphlete with advice on how a good muslim should act. The quotations comes from that.

Participation in western politics means a total acceptance and submission towards democracy and it’s values like secularism and equality. Democracy is a complete system and no deviation is accepted. 


Notice how they phrase their “information” about democracy. It reminds me of how we talk about Islam when we criticize it. Imagine if you have no experience of democracy and no contact with people outside your ethnic and religious group. Then you would believe that democracy is a form of dictature that will shatter everything they know.

They also mention that the governing in the west is based on kufr, which means blasphemy. The politicians will govern by practicing kufr and laws will be made without the involvement of Allah which is a sin. To take part in that system is also a sin. And there’s even a possibility that they will attack muslims! Just look at that: we are blasphemers and they see us as enemies because they imagine that we will attack. With that approach it’s easy to justify attacking first to defend oneself.

Swedish Muslims have gone through a hard time when it comes to political moves, attacks on Islamistic ideas and media hunts towards Muslim politicians. Female Muslims have been attacked on the streets, mosques have been vandalized and Muslims have been accused of terrorism and antisemitism. 

Firstly, Muslim politicians are examined in the same way as non-Muslims. And here in Sweden we are not positive towards Muslim ideas like not shaking hand to the opposite gender, veils on children and so on. There have been cases where women have been attacked, but there have also been those attacks that turned out to be hoax. They fail to mention all attacks and rapes on Swedish girls and women. Some mosques have been scribbled on, but there have also been ex-Muslims that burn mosques and once a fryer burned down one of them. But how about the churches that have been vandalized with Muslim symbols and words? Surveys show that 50% of all attcks against jews are by Muslims. And if you don’t want to be accused of terrorism you should stop blowing yourself up!

Here protests, political activities, manifestations and more have to be directed towards certain politicians, laws, antics and statements. … No western democratic secular system accepts other convictions in it’s society and that’s why there’s constant attempts to integrate and assimilate to change peoples values to secular ones. 

IslamFranceYes, we do. Be as religious as you want, but you can’t force others to follow yor rules or expect that the law doesn’t appliy to you too. And by that I mean the law of the country, nothing else. And if you doesn’t not like it here there are other countrys where you’d probably feel more at home (but they are not as rich so there won’t be any welfare checks).

The pamphlete also mentions different ways to influence society without voting, like podcasts, newspapers and other media. It also mentions that Muslims should organize and when it comes to Islam they should be uncompromising. If they stand fast they will have their way. Or in other words: there will be sharia whether us Swedes wants it or not.

Throughout this text they express how Muslims are such victims. Politicians, journalists and people ingeneral are all awful and attack Muslims without any reason. I would like to say that it’s the other way around. Muslims are cut a lot of slack just because many are so afraid of being called racists and islamophobes. But it’s easier to influence others opinion by playing the victim.

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