USA. The latest phenomena in bad parenting, as Matt Walsh puts it, is theybies. It’s parents that bring up their children in a gender neutral way so they get the chance to decide their own gender when they are older.

A segment on NBC News describes this as a trend sweeping the nation, but hopefully that’s just an exaggeration. Because this is nothing other than child abuse! How can a 4-year old decide their sex when they are not even capable of crossing a street safely or taking responsibility for brushing their teeth. How can a child understand something as complex as gender and identity without ever being exposed to what gender is?

ChildPlayGenderI’m curious about how many of these parents have been victims of sexual abuse and if that may have warped their relationship with the whole issue of gender. Or are they like pageant- or Hollywood moms who put their kids through what so ever as long as it gives them attention. Maybe it’s even a form of Münchhausen?

Poor kids! When they realize that everything they have been taught by their parents doesn’t fit into reality and that the rest of the population think and live in a totally different way they will suffer. Their world will fall apart and it will likely cause conflicts with their parents and some kind of mental illness. So this isn’t woke – it’s abuse!

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