Ten out of twelve rapists are immigrants

DENMARK. The Danish newspaper BT have gone through rape verdict during the time January 2016 to May 2017. The Minister of Integration and Foreigners Inger Støjberg say that the findings are absolutely horrible and shows that something is terribly wrong with some of the enviroments connected with immigrants. 

Twelve convicted men are a part of the review and ten of them are either immigrants or second generation immigrants. Several had come to Denmark quite recently and two were illegal immigrants. They originated from Somalia, Iraq, Eritrea, Macedonia and Bulgaria. The victims are often Danish.

Christian Diesen, professor of criminal law at University of Stockholm says that immigrants are over-represented because of poor integration. Another reason is that the perpetraitors feel contempt for our society and the victims.

We let you come here so that you could be free! Not so you would drag us down into your shit!

Here’s two investigations of the same kind from Sweden.

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