SWEDEN. Activists have started to buy seats in airplanes that are going to deport immigrants whose recidense permits have been rejected. They do this to make it impossible for the plane to start. Yesterday it happened again.

The question is how the activists know which plane will be used since the airline doesn’t know until 24 hours before the take off that there will be a ex-immigrant in board. So somebody must be feeding them information.

PlaneBirdAnd it seems like the activists have a lot of support. Opera singer Malena Ernman, a woman who totally lacks self-criticism, wrote that they are brave who saves peoples life. Yes, they manage to save the lifes of people who doesn’t have any need for protection, who take resources that can be used to help Swedes or an actual refugee. Or why not buy a helicopter so we can extinguish wildfires?

This man was being deported to Afghanistan yesterday, and it will take place in one way or another, perhaps by using a private plane. As a representative of the Swedish taxpayers I thank the activist Elin Ersson for taking responsibility for her actions by paying all expences for this man. Oh wait, she didn’t. She just blushed and cried. But it’s always easy to play hero and then go home and let somebody else sort things out.


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