SWEDEN. Visiting Gothenburg? Here is the advice the police gives:

  • Women of all ages are at risks of being attacked, no matter what their age is. But light skin and blue eyes are especially at risk.
  • Don’t show your skin and hair. Cover yourself. What is more important: sweating a little or avoiding violence or rape?
  • Don’t wear high-heels. Sneakers are better so you can run.
  • Don’t make eye contact. That can be enough to provoke violence, for exampel in a public transport.
  • Don’t wear religious symbols (except for Islamic ones I presume).
  • Don’t visit so called no go-zones and be aware of that they are starting to spread into parts of the inner city. The advice used to be not to go there at night, but now it’s 24/7. The police says that they can’t gurantee that you will be safe even during the day.
  • Avoid parks, public toilets, shopping malls and car parks.
  • Go by cab from door to door.
  • Don’t get drunk or use drugs.
  • Don’t leave your glass unsupervised in the bar. Don’t accept drinks from strangers. Criminals use this as a way to be able to commit crimes.
  • Don’t go home with someone you don’t know.
  • Exercise and built strenght.
  • Take a self-defence class.

This comes froma blogpost Katerina Janouch wrote and it caused a shitstorm where she was called a liar and a scaremongerer. A lot of people have a big need to stick their head in the sand. And I understand that because this is really scary. But it’s even scarier to live a lie abd this is from a police who work in these neighbourhoods.

When I was around the age of 13 I used to go to Gothenburg to shop with friends to shop. Without parents. And when I read this list I just want to die. Young girls o´don’t get to experience that freedom. Things have certainly changed since the ninties.