Sweden Democrats Are now the Biggest Party

SWEDEN. In the latest poll from Yougov/Metro the Swedendemocrats is the biggest party with 25,7% of the votes. The hated Swedendemocrats whose followers have been driven out into the cold! But this is what happens when you try to bully people into silence – more and more will eventually take the side of the victims. Especially when it comes obvious that they were right.

opinionsundersokning juli 2018

The rule in Sweden is that a party has to get more than 4% to be able to take place in the parliament (riksdag). This means that if the election had been today both the Christian Democrats and the Swedish Green Party would be out. I really hope that this will happen to the Greens, which now are in the government with the Swedish Social Democratic Party. Feministic Initiative have never been in the riksdag, but are given a lot of media attention. They are superlefists and have no contact with reality what so ever.


What worries me and also makes me angry is that no party wants to cooperate with the Swedendemocrats. When they did that after the 2014 election, in which SD got 12,86%, it caused a severe crisis in the government. I honestly thought that the parties would have realized that they had to be grown ups and take responsibility now, but they are still acting exactly like they did in 2014. They are showing once again that they’d rather ruin the country than step down from the pedestal where they have placed themselves.

To reject what one fourth of the population thinks and demonstrate with their votes shows an unbelievable contempt for them and that democracy is seriously malfunctioning. Why on earth do the more established parties think that they have sole rights to the decisionmaking? They talk a lot about the Swedendemocrats history, but their own aren’t that pretty either. And what will happen if people lose confidence in the democratic process? That is something they should consider before they do any more virtuesignaling. It haven’t worked very well for them anyway.

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