– No jews in Germany!

GERMANY. I was so naive that I actually thought that antisemitism was a thing of the past. That the horrors of WWII had made us humans evolve. But then there’s Islam which is filled to the brim with hatred against jews and now it’s starting to show all over Europe.

In June a 17-year-old Berlin-born Israeli Jew became the target of a group of Arab youths when they heard him playing Israeli music on his phone. They surrounded him, attacked him physically and screamed:

– Hebrew music? You’ve been killing children for 70 years. Berlin is now our town and here we don’t listen to f*** Jewish music.

A 19-year-old Syrian, who offended and hit a kippah-wearing young Israeli with a belt have been sentenced to four weeks in juvenile detention. But since he was in custody for ten weeks before the trial he now wants compensation. If it’s granted he get 25 euros per too much day of custody. The twist of the story is that the man wearing the kippah were an Israeli Arab who did so because of bet to see if it would make him a target of muslim violence. It was filmed.

In the early hours of 8th of July a young man approached a group to borrow a lighter, but they took his cigarette and when they saw his star of David-necklace they started to punch him in the face while using anti-semitic slurs. The police in Berlin arrested the group that consisted of ten syrians between the age of 15 and 25. Three of them were women. The young man had to go to the hospital for treatment.

Rabbi Menachem Mendel Gurevitch in Offenbach was on his way to the synagogue to pray on friday 6th of July when a group of teenager started to scream at him.

– They shouted, ‘sh**ty Jew’ and ‘Free Palestine’ and other things at me. Usually, I ignore things like this, but this time I couldn’t, so I decided to try and talk to them. But the more I talked, the more they shouted at me.

On 12th of July an US-based Israeli professor of philosophy who were visiting Bonn as a guest lecturer was assaulted by a 20-year old man of Palestinian origin. He knocked of the professors yamaka several times, hit him in the shoulder and shoved him. On top of that he shouted that there shouldn’t be jews in Germany and when attacked man tried to defend himself the police hit him in the face. They misunderstood the situation thinking he was the instigator and they have apologized. The attacker is known by the police for for drug and violence offences.

This is just madness and I feel so bad for these people who get treated like this. And where are all the leftist that shout about racism, saying that the right is literally Hitler and that everything reminds them of the thirties? Here you have the real nazis and the real victims!


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