20 Christians were seriously injured, including broken bones, when their prayer meeting was attacked by about 35 Hindu radicals in Raikashipur, India. The Christians were accused of forcing conversions and now have several criminal charges against them. There haven’t been any cosequences for the Hindus.

The Fulani Militia attacked several villages in Nigeria and 50 people lost their lives. A survivor says:

– They are Fulanis who attacked us and they came when we were in the market because it’s market day. They suddenly entered our village and started shooting. We ran and cross over the river. They followed us and kept on shooting. Right now as I am talking, they are in our village, grazing on our farms. The people I know that were killed were about 13 people but many of our villagers are still unaccounted for.

The Chiesa dei Morti (Church of the dead) in Canneto Sull’Oglio, Italy, was closed for some days when the priest found urine in the holy water. The church is sacred for the locals and it’s walls are covered with pictures of deseaced loved ones.

Muslims attack Coptic homes

A Coptic Egyptian was arrested accused for sharing videos which insulted the Prophet Muhammed on social media. The arrest was in part a way to try to prevent the mobs that often forms, but unfortunately it didn’t work. A mob of muslims attacked the homes of Christians in his village, but the police managed to arrest 90 of them and charged them with mobbing, attacking Copts’ homes, inciting sedition and attacking the police.

Another sixteen Christians was arrested on accusations of forced conversion charges in India’s Jharkhand state. Villagers held them over night and then handed them over to the police in the morning.

Church leaders in eastern Uganda were having public debates with muslims as a part of a evangelistic campaign and the topic of the last one was about Jesus as the son of God. When one of the muslims couldn’t argue for his case he left and the muslim crowd started to throw rocks shouting Allahu Akbar. One pastor were struck in the head and lost conciousness while three others had lesser injuries.

An ex-muslim and now pastor in Uganda have been forced to move regularly with his family since their conversion due to threats and harrassments from the muslim majority. The building of a church have agitated people and the pastor got a letter that said this:ChristianWomanPrayAfrica

We know your tricks, that your intention of building the church is for you to convert our members to Christianity. If you continue building the church, then you are risking your life as well as the life of your church members.

A text message to another pastor, from his relatives, said:

Know that Allah is going to deal with you soon, and you will not finish it nor pray in it.

Security forces in the Philipines have been monitoring and threatening priests to their lives since at least 2017. That’s one reason why priests are applying to be allowed to carry weapons all the time. During the last year there was 188 applications from priests that already have a gunlicense. It’s a controversial question and the bishop in every diocese will decide if it’s go be allowed.

A 23-year old Egyptian muslim man caused panic in the Paris metro by showing a knife while screaming:

– I’m Muslim, I’ll kill all the Catholics.

Fortunately he could be overpowered  before anybody was hurt.