Persection of Christians – week 27


During the last year and a half the Myanmar military have bombed 60 churches and turned some of them into Buddhist pagodas. The Kachin people who are 95% Christian are beaing treatened increasingly worse. Murders and rape have occured.


A spirituality center for Franciscan nuns in the southern Philippines were raided by both police and military in search of two people that the bishop says doesn’t exist. They were all accused of helping these people and 13 church workers and volunteers were arrested.

Ten Christian families in India’s state Jharkhand were attacked by radical Hindus who wanted them to convert to Hinduism. When they refused they were beaten and forced from their homes. The have remained displaced.

A group of Iranian converts to Christianity were holding a Bible study at Koutsochero Refugee Camp in Greece were attacked by a group of 30- 40 Iraqi Muslims. The mob threatened them with knives, including the women and children, and beat the men so two of them had to go to the hospital. A man had heart problem and passed out. Petrol was poured into the little house and attempts were done to set it on fire. The Christians were called kaffirs and told to leave the camp. When the ambulance tried to reach the Christians the mob tried to stop it. The police did nothing since they were outnumbered. The Christians have been moved to a safe house and a police report have been made.

Whoever changed his Islamic religion, then kill him

Bukhari 9.84.57

New salury grids have forced Catholic schools to discharge 500 teachers in Lebanon. The governments actions makes it especially hard for private schools and the Christian schools already have a tight budget.

A Catholic priest were killed inside St. Joseph’s Cathedral of Bambari, Central African Republic. The large group of armed intruders wanted to have money, but since they didn’t have any Father Firmin Gbagoua told them to take his things in his bedroom were he was shot. He did this to save the lives of his colleagues.


Three Christians were attacked and killed by the Muslim Fulani Militia as they were returning home to Miango, Nigeria, after visiting relatives. Rev. Micah Wujit and his wife Ruth Wujit leave behind eight children. The other victim was Pastor Emmanuel Tingo and he leaves his wife and three children.

Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) in India has recorded 101 incidents of violence against Christians in the first five months of 2018. When Christians try to file police reports they are reluctant to help them.

A priest in Henan, China, say that he recieved a Special Office Emergency Notice from the municipal authorities about a new project. They wanted him to gather statistics and information about his conregation, especially the poor families. He refused and fears that the agenda is to cancel the low-income subsidies. 10% of Chinas 10 million Catholics live on the district of Henan.

A church in Kyrgyzstan, where most of the members are Muslim converts, have been ordered by the Muslims to stop holding services. During the last months services have been interrupted by local officials, representatives of the Prosecutor’s office and the Ministry of Internal Affairs and assistants to the local imam.

Hassan Rouhani, president of Iran, is traveling round Europe talking about that the regime is open to Christians. But Iran is number ten on Open Doors World Watch List and during Rouhanis time in office the persecution have grown worse since they are viewed as a threat against the nation.

Two African Christians that study in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, were fined and ordered to leave the country after appearing in worship videos posted on social media. The claim is that it was missionary activity which is illegal. The law is very vague and can include almost anything. Their church had to pay fines too.

A new law have been passed in Laos that means that if you want to hold a meeting you have to seek permission from several government agencies. But it’s permission is given very rarely. Christians are afraid it may ne used to target them.

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