Don’t want the problems of Europe

SOUTH KOREA. About 520 000 residents have signed a petition against the government’s migration policy. After reading about how mass-immigration have affected Europe they are afraid that the same will happen to them. And rightly so.

It was after the government approved a program that makes it possible to come to the country without a tourist visa. And after 1000 refugees from Yemen used the program many started to get worried. The protesters wanted the need and wants of the South Koreans to have precedence. There is also a fear of how Muslims stick to their own culture instead of adapting and how terror comes in their wake.

The protests bore fruit and the visa-free entry was stopped. But the Koreans are, off course, being called racists by some. I think this was a smart move: to think about the long term outcomes before one makes changes to the countrys economy and culture. If you want to accept refugees you have to make plans for integration so you’re not suprised when all kinds of cultural shit shows up and know how to handle it. And we all wish that our countries leaders would place the populations needs first, especially since they have paid for the welfare state, ahead of foreigners.

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