Dean Prevents Free Speech

SWEDEN. Journalist and author Thomas Gür, immigrant from Turkey, is known for commenting on present day issues. And since he’s chosen to remain in reality instead of entering the so called opinion corridore he’s not been treated very well by the media.

He has also had a number of pop-up seminars that he announces on his FB where he holds an adress and later the audience are given to opportunity to ask questions. Yesterday he was going to talk about “Integration during 20 years” outside S:t Mary Cathedral in Visby and about a hundred persons had gathered there. 30 minutes into his adress, just when he was going to start the questions and answers part, the churchbells started to ring. And they rang for a long time.


It was the dean Mats Hermansson who wanted to signal that danger was imminent. He said that the statement Gür was giving was unpleasant, even the atmosphere was unpleasant. Then he added that it was wrong to demand that people learn Swedish, our work ethic and even to abide the law! Furthermore he claimed that someone in the audience had taken furniture from the church, which was easily refuted since everybody was sitting or standing on the grass.

Gür tried to talk to the dean saying that if he objected to anything he could have approached the group in a civil manner. The dean said that he obviously wasn’t among friends to which Gür responded that it wasn’t about friendship but civility. That was when the dean took his leave. In a press release Hermansson apologized by saying that he acted had prematurely, but at the same time he justifyed his actions. Turns out he has been known to lie before. And what’s more: later during the day a communist delivered a speech in the cathedral! A good way for the Church of Sweden to loose even more members.

By acting like this, like a total SJW, he destroyed the possibility for a democratic and intellectual conversation about the state of Sweden. And it’s my opinion that discussions like that stops racism and make people work together to find solutions. Nothing is gained from acting like a hysteric.


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