SWEDEN. The social services know of 33 children that have been taken out of Sweden by relatives so far this year. Juno Blom (L), who have worked with these issues for many years, say that authorities have to change their way of thinking.

For example there was a 12-year old girl who had asked for help several times when she realised what might happen, but nobody of the adults around her reacted. She was taken out of the country and nobody knows what has happened to her or where she is.


Juno Blom says in an article that we have known about honour violence for many years, but that the social services have missed the transnational aspect. I think that’s bullshit. That girls are taken out of the country have been known since the eighties. But Juno say something else that I find very important: in an misguided effort to be tolerant and “not to play into the hands of xenophobic forces” they haven’t focused on the childrens best interests. It’s Rotherham here too. Again.

An example that she mentions is that when it comes to women in abusive relationships you try to help her to break the conntact with the man who is abusive. The same has to be done when it comes to those affected by honour violence. The children should be seen as victim of crime and the adults as perpetraitors. She also mentions that the burden of proof lies on the child, they have to prove a lot while the parents doesn’t have to do that. That has got to change.