Empty words from EU about immigration

EUROPE. It took ten hours of negotiations before the leaders of countries in the EU agreed on how to handle the problem with immigration. But it seems like nothing more than words to appease those who are critical to the flow of immigrants.

Angela Merkel desperately need this deal since she’s on the brink of a Government crisis and her allies see no alternative to turn back migrants at the border if things doesn’t change. Media reported that Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal and Sweden were ready to sign a treaty in which they promise to take in those migrants who originally registered in another country before coming to Germany.

EUPoliticsAsylum centres both inside and outside of the EU was also discussed. It will be voluntary for the countries in the European Union to build centres and Stefan Löfvén, Swedens MP, says that it will not happen here. And there’s no schedule for when the efforts will be completed or if they even are realistic or possible. I don’t think this will ever become reality since they haven’t negotiated with the African countries.

When it comes to how the immigrants will be distributed there wasn’t any decisions made, but Löfvén says that Sweden will “do our share”. He doesn’t know the size of that share, but that doesn’t seem to matter.  When I look at all the problems we are having and how our efforts to integrate people have failed I’m inclined to close the borders completely.

And after several interviews, where Merkel said that both formal and verbal agreements would be carried out, it turns out that no deals had been signed. It’s all just talk and probably Merkels and other politicians way to mitigate peoples worries. It’s elections this year for several of the countries that participated.

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