Islamization Step by Step

SWEDEN. The mosque in Växjö, which has connections to the Muslim Brotherhood, has increased the demands step by step during the years. From a small wooden mosque to one built in stone for the cost of 60 million kronor (ca $6 696 500) paid by Kuwait and United Arab Emirate. Then there was the call to prayer and then a school which is segregated by gender and use books from Saudi Arabia of course. But that’s not enough.

IslamSwedenThrough all of this, at every step, the imam Ismail Abu Helal have claimed that what they want done will increase integration, democracy and strengthen the freedom of religion. All empty words that make an application look good and sounds appealing in an interview. It may also be somewhat of a threat. “If you don’t comply to our demands you are undemocratic and stopping our right to practice our religion.”

In a letter to the editor in the local paper Ismail Abu Helal complains that Sweden doesn’t pay enough attention to ramadan and demands that Swedens Prime Minister say peace be with you in Arabic, salamalykum, and then give a short speech about the reason for fasting. He’s actually directing the PM like he was some kind of puppet! And Helals reason is of course: it would facilitate integration and show that Sweden really is so tolerant as it claims and truly accept diversity. He actually say that! The arrogance!

When the good imam gets the question if he and other muslims in this country are going to observe any christian holidays or give them attention the answer is:

– Why should we? We are muslims.

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