Salafism Increased by Ten in Ten Years

SWEDEN. A new study from the National Defence College shows that when it comes to violent islamism the situation is far worse than anybody expected. It may lead to a hostile attitude towards democracy and intolerance and discrimination. After reading the report I think we’re already there.

Magnus Ranstorp, terrorism researcher, is one of the authors and they investigated salafism and salafistic jihad. It showed that they have increased by ten times during the last ten years. No go-zones and heavily segregated areas are the places where it has increased most. The north east of Gothenburg is one of these places.

IslamJihadISISSalafist preachers go alone or together to mosques and associations (probably funded by taxmoney to help them keep their culture). They also arrange tours where they travel around in Sweden and give lectures and have contacts abroad to get help. They also use Facebook and Youtube to spread their views (why not ban these guys?). Ranstorp suspects that this is the reason why many people have traveled to Syria to fight for ISIS.

Salafists have grown very strong in several cities by using threaths and intimidation. Shariapolices control what the women do and at an polling station in Gothenburg somebody even waved with an ISIS-flag in the open. The muslims were told by the salafists not to vote in the recent election because that was haram and those who voted would on judgement day have to answer for the things the politicians had done.

IslamPrayChildChildren are taught not to play or make friends with children of a different faith. Muslims in Gävle are pressured to live according to salafism and those who refuse are harrassed. Children are placed in quran schools in Borås from an early age where they get taught not to mix with those of the other sex. They have also been told not to drink christian water which have had the consequence that some doesn’t drink water at all during the school day. They are also not allowed to paint with watercolours because of it contains this christian water. I wonder if they realize that their tapwater comes from the same place or do they perform a ritual over ever drop? In Västerås the religious pressure is mixed with criminality.

In Eskilstuna women and childrens clothes are controlled by the salafists and to cover up completely is practiced with very young children. Members of the al-Rahman mosque have warned that there is four or five young men there who have really dangerous ideas.

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