The Social Democrats & the Islamists

SWEDEN. Socialdemocrats for belief and solidarity (SKSF – Socialdemokrater för tro och solidaritet) is an association that have worked together with Swedens Muslim Council (SMR – Sveriges Muslimska Råd) to bring muslims into the political world. They have denied this collaboration several times.

A document from 1999 show that SKSF and SMR wanted, among other things, 2000 muslim members in the Social Democratic Party by 2002, muslims on 15 municipal voting lists and on 5 lists for the parliament. In return the muslims would “provide” (S) votes from the muslim population and give SKSF more control over their party. Introduction meetings were to be held throughout the country and those for women were to be segregated. Another important issue was to work together to make a deal with employeers so muslims would be able to attend the friday prayer.


The document also states that the goal was to make islam less demonized and critique countries that were acting in ways that increased prejudices against muslims. I guess that they are referring to sharia law, but how on earth do they believe that critique would ever lead to anything? Like the countries suddenly would modernize the word of allah. Propably the important thing was to protest and show how good they are and how harmless islam is. But Gatestone Institute showed this February that 52% of the muslims in Sweden regard that sharia law takes precendence over Swedish law.

SKSF is also against banning religious private schools because they don’t see any relationship betweeen them and segregation. Is this another deal with SMR? How can anyone believe that a curriculum heavily influenced by an old tribal culture that’s full of antidemocratic ways of thinking and acting will make a child integrated in western culture?

It’s also worth noticing that SMR are, through The Federation of Islamic Organizations in Europe (FIOE), tied to the Muslim Brotherhood. Nice.

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