SWEDEN. Former party leader of Feministic Initiative (F!) Victoria Kawesa are being prosecuted for assault and battery in the subway on the 11th of January this year. But she claim to be the victim and that the police are racists.


According to Kawesa she was in a rush to get to her train and when she came to the turnstile she crushed past a man instead of using her ticket. When he told her to buy a ticket instead she attacked him. She kicked and hit the man the man and when his glasses fell off she tried to step on them. When he prosecuted her she answered by doing the same claiming that he had assaulted and battered her without any reason because he was a racist.

She claim that he pushed her so she hurt her back, pressed his knee against her and called her a “dirty fucking nigger whore”. When the police dismissed Kawesas case she wrote on Facebook that they were racists that already had made up their mind, since the man is white and she’s black.


In the preliminary report the man say that he never called her any slurs and when he visited the hospital they could record the his wounds. There were also two witnesses and none of them agree with what Kawesa say happened. On top of that the CCTV clearly show how she attacks the man and reaches for his glasses. After that she takes a few steps back and keep talking to him and gives him the finger. Then she approaches him again to kick him and hit towards his face.

This isn’t the first time that Kawesa have been caught being dishonest. In december 2017 she was sentenced for copywright infringement for using a researchers material without refering to the source. She work as a lecturer in gender sciences (yes, in this country it’s not studies, it’s science) at Södertörns college, known for being heavily oriented to the left. Perhaps she should remove the beam from her own eye instead of lecturing to others, mainly white men, on how awful they are.

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