Terror Attacks Increase in Africa

AFRICA. The report Changing Patterns in Terrorism and the Threat to Business, Control Risks by African Analysis at Control Risks show that terror is on the rise in the sub-Saharan countries.

The factors behind them are complex and involve conflicts related to religion, tribes, politics, the military and more. In the countries where the army have been able to get control of afflicted regions the militant groups have instead chosen to focus on attacking civilians.

SomaliaIn 2013 there were 317 attacks, but between April 2017 to April 2018 the researchers found that 1 549 attacks had occured. 879 of them took place in Somalia. More then half of all Islamist attacks in the sub-Saharan area happened in Somalia.

36% of all attacks took place in West Africa and Nigeria had 220 incidents, Mali 194 and Cameroon 96. There were only 56 attacks in the southern parts of Africa: 43 in The Democratic Republic of Congo, 12 in Mozambique and one in South Africa. Mozambique had it’s first attack on 5 October 2017 so the sharp rise are very alarming.

In Nigeria, Mali, Kenya and Somalia the targets are often roads and vehicles. The hospitality sector and retail are the next likely targets and most of those incidents happened in Mali and Somalia. The long term consequences of this is that people won’t travel to these places and that foreign companys won’t invest in local businesses which in the end will affect all citizens in a negative way. My take on this is that terror and the economic consequences will, or maybe already are, causing people to flee inside to country or beyond. Everybody would profit if the west could grant them aid in this.

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